Brindabella Country Gardens

From the latest series of Blooming in Brisbane.

Here I visit John Gray of Brindabella Country Gardens in Toowoomba.

This is me on Blooming in Brisbane last year talking about water saving mulches and wetting agents.

Good to remember as we are now heading into the dryer, El Niño weather patterns and water will be getting scarcer while evaporation rates rise…

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On the Wings of Nature

Double bar finches

For me, one of the greatest rewards from any suburban garden is not how many varieties of rare plants one can fit, or how green that lawn is in comparison to the neighbours, but being able to observe nature going about its daily routine of survival.

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Dichondra argentea 'silver falls'

As an avid gardener, I’m always on the lookout for different ways to enhance my garden. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to take a close look at the selections you’ve made in your garden and judge if they are shown of to their best or hidden by other more robust species.

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I firmly believe that if there is only gardening act that everyone should do in their life, it is to plant a tree. 

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Backyard Buzz

The shift to sustainability in our gardens has , and will continue to grow steadily for many years to come. 

Those who have adopted the gentle art of gardening can truly recognise the value in growing one’s own fruit and vegetables and this can be no more evident than in the flavour of home grown produce. Read More

With the ever-changing tastes of garden fashion I have seen many plants come and go depending on their popularity, or how heavily they are promoted to the gardening public. But there are a few plants that quietly continue on in their subtle way, without the need to be re-marketed or promoted under flashing neon lights, and the Hoya or wax flower is defiantly one of them. Read More

If you’re looking for a species of plant that carries with it diversity, longevity and a colour spectrum that spans the rainbow, then Salvias are definitely the answer for you. Read More

As much as it saddens me to admit, garden styles and plants in their many guises often fall victim to the ever-changing 21st century fashion trends of the day.  Read More

Spice Up Your Life

Have you ever gone out to an exotic restaurant and become captivated by the wonderful flavours and intoxicating aromas from dishes that we not only find difficult to pronounce, but more realistically wouldn’t dream of attempting by yourself at home?

We’ll you’re not alone on that one, and although we all may not have those master skills in the kitchen, adding exotic flavours to our dishes is easier than you might imagine and more importantly, can be grown in your own backyard. Read More